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Join the Team!

Are you a loyal reader? Someone who loves helping small businesses?

Then this is where you can help us!

We're currently looking for those interested in sharing about our up coming release, Seize the Moment!

Seize the Moment

Join the launch team!

Interested in joining the launch team?

If you're someone who shares book reviews, has a bookstagram or boktok, runs a podcast, or just loves spreading the word on new books this is for you!

On the form below, put launch team and we'll get you set up right away!

Seize the Moment

Join the review team!

Do you love sharing your thoughts on books?

If so, we're glad to have you join us in reviewing Seize the Moment! All you need is at least one of the following; a blog, newsletter, social media account, Goodreads, Amazon, or Bookbub. Or even here on!

Put the review team on the form below and we'll be in contact soon!

Seize the Moment

Join the blog tour!

Bloggers, come one! Come all!

October 4th to 6th, and 9th to 10th, 2023 we're hosting the blog tour for Seize the Moment and welcome you to join us! All you need is a blog!

Sign-up below by selecting blog tour on the form below!

Join Now!

Launch team, review team, or blog tour!

This is a little different than most, however, we want to be sure this works the best for each person who joins our team in sharing about Seize the Moment. Fill out our short and easy form and we'll be in contact!

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