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Do you want to indie publish, but need help?

Beyond the Bookery is here to help find the right balance of indie publishing and traditionally publishing for you.

Beyond the Bookery was founded to help all Christian authors publish their book in the ways that work for them and that is where our services come in.

We offer a wide variety of services for all of your publishing needs.

We are a strictly Christian company and all clients must agree with our Statement of Faith on our About page.

Be sure to read the whole page to stay up to date on what services are currently being provided and who you can work with to make your manuscript (or social accounts, and even your website!) the best possible finished product it can be.

Services and Service Providers

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Abigail Kay Harris is a daughter of the King, a sister to seven, with a homeschooling-real-estate-agent-and-do-it-all Momma, who taught her to do anything. Abigail's passionate love of the written word leads her to spend her time reading, writing, she's commonly found to be using sarcasm, and defining obscure words. When she’s not searching for words to fill a blank page, she enjoys going on walks, having tea, watching sunrises, learning new things, and spending her time in the outdoors, especially mountains, beaches, and forests.


In February of 2023, Abigail founded Beyond the Bookery; her small press, book store, and online boutique. She has assisted more than twenty authors in reaching their publishing dreams with her publishing lines, has shared five anthologies with the world, and looks forward to more releases in the near future. You can connect with Abigail and find her books here:

Services Abigail provides:

  • Coaching for Indie Publishing (through Pubshare, KDP, D2D, and more.)

    • Coaching starts at $80 an hour with three 1 hour sessions.​

  • Cover design (ebook and paperback)

    • Custom ebook covers start at $50.​

    • Custom paperback covers start at $95.

  • Formatting (ebook and paperback)

    • ​​Begins at $45 for a simple project with word counts between 15,000-40,000 words

    • Begins at $95 for a simple project with word count between 40,000-75,000 words.

    • Begins at $175 for a simple project with word count between 75,000-150,000 words.

    • Begins at $245 for a simple project with word count over 150,000 words.

  • Graphic design (including, but not limited to the following social media, blogs, websites, bookmarks, mugs, etc.)

    • Begins at $25 for a simple project

  • Website design (Wix, Wordpress, etc.)

    • Begins at $75 for a simple project

  • Marketing assistance

    • Begins at $45 for a simple project

  • Virtual assistance

    • $13-$18 hourly​ depending on the assistance needed.


Madisyn Carlin is a Christian, homeschool graduate, blogger, voracious bookdragon, and author. When not spending time with her family or trekking through the mountains, she weaves tales of redemption, faith, and action.


Editorial, graphic design, cover design, and website design services offered at Mountain Peak Edits & Design.


Want to connect?

Services Madisyn provides:

  • Cover design (ebook and paperback)

  • Graphic design

  • Editing

  • and more

Find Madisyn's prices, portfolio, and more information at


In her twenties, Zoe Gilbert is the name behind the pen of Z. A. Gilbert.


Given Zoe's love of prettiness, pinks, and pastries, she’s found her happy place in sharing stories of perfect Love, passionate hope, and pretty prose.


Having lived everywhere and nowhere thanks to fiction, she’s well versed in finding a novel to waste away in a daze.

Want to connect, search @prettypinkprose or here:

Services Zoe provides:

  • Virtual assistance​​

    • Starting at $16 an hour.​

Currently Providing Services for: 




Classics Retold

Fairy Tale Retellings



Military (Romance or no.)

YA and NA Contemporary Fiction





Classics Retold

Fairy Tale Retellings




Military (Romance or no.)

YA and NA Historical Fiction



Epic Fantasy


Fairy Tale Retellings

Contemporary Fantasy
Assassin Fantasy

Medieval Fantasy

Military Fantasy


YA and NA Fantasy

May Work with: 

Westerns (In any of the 3 genres above.)

Pirates (In any of the 3 genres above.)

Dragon Fantasy

Unicorn Fantasy

Talking Animal Fantasy

Suspense (In any of the 3 genres above.)

Mystery (In any of the 3 genres above.)

Middle Grade (In any of the 3 genres above.)

Not Accepting:

Covid Related Fiction



Wizardry or magic
Vampires and werewolves

Post-apocalyptic/End times

Space Opera


Beyond the Bookery Submission guidelines: 

While each service provider has different beliefs and guidelines, Beyond the Bookery will only work with those who follow our publishing and service rules.

Any era or genre - excluding magical fantasy, horror, or anything that doesn't honor God, otherwise have at it!–is accepted. We're looking for good, wholesome Christian stories that are for all ages or at the most 13/16 up–so no icky relationships, or extreme violence.


Your story must be God-honoring and portray a plot line that reflects God's love and honors Him! Your submission must also follow Beyond the Bookery's Statement of Faith on our About page.


Please, no inappropriate behavior and keep it at a rating of around PG-13 or something you don't mind a parent, grandparent, or kid siblings reading.

Please, no inappropriate behavior and keep it at a rating of around PG-13 or something you don't mind a parent, grandparent, or kid siblings reading... Yes, this bares saying again.

No use of AI in any form is allowed for stories submitted to Beyond the Bookery.

You will not harass, contact, deframe, or bully anyone in the anthology, working with Beyond the Bookery, or in anyway, shape, or form cause harm be it by words, actions, or in any way if you are not chosen as an author.

(Anything against these rules and regulations will not be accepted nor considered due to a strong policy of keeping in line with our hopes for the anthology, beliefs, and what we hope to share with the world at large.)

All submissions made to Beyond the Bookery indicat your agreement with these rules and regulations and bind you to them in the case of your submission's acceptence.

What you can expect publishing with Beyond the Bookery!

Much like publishing with Beyond the Bookery, you can find step by step assistance from your manuscript to marketing through our services.


Beyond the Bookery provides publishing coaching, custom interior and exterior design including, but not limited to cover and format design, graphic design, and more, an editing team will assist in providing the right revisions to keep your story true to you. Marketing assistance will begin from the start of your acceptance progress when the marketing team will lay out the right publishing plan and map for you and your story.


We look forward to helping you share your story with the world and pray that we are a blessing to you and that your readers are encouraged while you walk your writing journey with our faith centered publishing team.

Make a Service Inquiry!

Thanks for submitting your inquiry to publish with Beyond the Bookery! We'll get back to you soon. If you haven't been contacted within 2 weeks of submissions closing, assume your story has been denied.

Meet the Team behind Beyond the Bookery!

Each of the team members is an integral part of bringing you the top-notch services that Beyond the Bookery offers.

The main team is excited to work with you!

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