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A Beautiful Heart Collection

A Beautiful Heart is a brand new collection of Beauty and the Beast Retellings from Beyond the Bookery.

We welcome authors to share their take on the much loved fairy tale retelling with a Christ-honoring take on redemption.


How to Submit Your Story:

Authors who are interested in joining the A Beautiful Heart Collection may submit their inquiry at the form on the submissions page under "Submit Your Anthology Submission".



Slightly different from the normal anthology rules, A Beautiful Heart Collection stories must be 15,000-25,000 words long.

The theme is, of course, a Beauty and the Beast retelling with faith.

Aside from those two rules, the rest of the rules match Beyond the Bookery's submission rules and conditions.


Expected Publication:

A Beautiful Heart Collection has a tentative release date in 2025.



Questions for the collection should be covered on the anthology submission information on the "submissions" page, however, if it is not feel free to reach out to our team through the "contact" page!

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